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23 NOVEMBER 2004

Paris Embraces Sculptor Angel Orensanz

La Fondation de France awards Angel Orensanz its Charles Oulmont Price 2004 in Fine Arts. The France Foundation has granted its Charles Oulmont Award in sculpture to Spanish born New York resident artist Angel Orensanz. A jury of distinguished French art critics and writers made the selection that will be made public this coming 10th of December in a gala ceremony at 6, Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris. The event will be presided by Bertrand Dufourcq, the president of the Fondation de France and Andre Meunier, the president of the Fondation Charles Oulmont. Besides the formal award, the artist will be given an exhibition at the end of January 2005 at the Vert Galant Square, between Notre Dame and Palais de la Justice.

Angel Orensanz has been tightly connected with Paris throughout all his career. He studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, under the supervision of sculptor Etienne Martin. And this last Summer he brought to the Cite Internationale Universitaire his sculpture "Razor in the Eye (Homage to Buñuel)", a large steel sculpture piece that was traveling from Florence and Venice to Calanda in Aragon Spain), the birth place of the world class filmmaker who made Paris his home. Orensanz instituted with that occasion a "ritual of remembrance" of the great Aragonese émigrés to France: Servet, Goya and Buñuel, with a ceremony of fire that Orensanz repeats in special instances. This coming January will be the opening of the branch in Paris of the Angel Orensanz Foundation, the successful New York cultural space. It will coincide with the opening of the show organized by the Fondation de France and its award Charles Oumont.

17 NOVEMBER 2004

January 13 2005

Russian New Year's Eve fundraising Ball to aid families
of Children of Beslan

In St. Petersburg (Russia) his One Fragile Universe world tour.
The Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood (erected on the spot where Emperor Alexander II of Russia was assassinated in 1881)

Your participation is urgently requested to raise funds for "Beslan Relief" to aid families of schoolchildren massacred by terrorists in Beslan, Russia. All proceedings will be delivered by representative of the Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia directly to the city of Beslan.This Event is produced by Goldstaub & Associates, Press and Public Relations Agency E-mail:

Since 1994, the Angel Orensanz Foundation has organized numerous charitable Art-projects to aid handicapped children in Saint Petersburg and other cities in Russia. The Russian Museum Art Center for disabled young students is one of many Russian Cultural Institutions that has benefitted from the continuous support of Orensanz Foundation and people like you.

In the past 10 years, UCOR ( has been one of the most dynamic Russian Charity Organizations to raise funds for young victims of terrorism in the Caucasus region of Russia. All UCOR fundraising projects has been conducted under personal patronage of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Planned for January 13th, 2005 is a grand celebration of Russian New Year's Eve (Nutcracker's Night) starting at 6 PM till midnight at Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts, 172 Norfolk street (south of Houston St.), New York City. Scheduled is a "Vodka and Caviar" cocktail reception, performance par magnificence of "Russian Balalaika" band and exhibit of colorful works of art by students of Saint Petersburg Russian Museum Art School and by Angel Orensanz.

Your participation will be warmly greeted along with international stars of Russian Ballet and other Arts, revered members of Russian Nobility in America Association, and other distinguished guests in this extremely important endeavour.

22 AUGUST 2004

Angel Orensanz at the Howl! Festival

Angel Orensanz at the Howl! Festival

August 20th was the opening of a cycle of political film at the Pioneer Theater in New York, part of the Howl! Festival. The title comes from the Howl! poem by Allen Ginsberg, that energized the beat generation in the 1950's.

Angel Orensanz is represented in this film festival with four shorts: "Crusts and crumbs","Home space travels", "The edges of poetry" and "Mannequins and corpses".

In all four, Orensanz plays visually with powerful emblems of the cultural tradition of the 20th century inserting in them sour and radical texts of Samuel Becket, J. P. Sartre, E. Ionesco and Albert Camus.

Orensanz's poetry comes loaded with visual seduction and corrosion strongly derived from the aesthetic of Luis Buñuel. During the time of the festival, the sculpture of Angel Orensanz can be seen in the green lawn of Tompkins Square, between East 8 and 10 streets. His work is an installation of steel pieces titled "Embraced Towers" in which again the visual poetry and the radical allegory play on in full stride.

20 AUGUST 2004

Contemporary Arts Center in Budapest

In St. Petersburg (Russia) his One Fragile Universe world tour.
"Angel Orensanz, Burning Universe. Digital poetry of a galaxy in ruins"

Starting September 2 and until October 3rd, A.P.A.!, a contemporary arts center in Budapest, will present a conceptually and visually ambitious exhibition using mostly digital and conceptual formats. The exhibits is called "Burning Universe. Digital poetry of a galaxy in ruins".

The show explores the raw edges and massive dislocations of ordinary experience under media constructs and political and corporate systems in most societies. Assumptions of historical direction and globalization have suddenly turned into generalized experiences of collapse, frustration and fragmentation.

26 MAY 2004

The Angel Orensanz Foundation Opens in Paris
With a Sculpture Homage to Buñuel

On June 10, 2004, the Angel Orensanz Foundation will open a Paris branch at 9, rue de Thorigny. The space is located in the heart of the Marais district, two doors down from the entrance of the Picasso Museum.

The space consists of a gallery, archives and services of video and documentation. This new Paris arts location will open with the presentation of the sculpture "Razor in the eye (Buñuel)", a sculpture piece in steel, five meters high Angel Orensanz built this sculpture piece two years ago for the town of Calanda, the birthplace of Luis Buñuel, in Aragon (Spain). After its installation, the sculpture left Calanda at the end of the Summer of 2003 to be part of OPEN, the International Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation during the 50th Venice Film Festival. Soon after, the Buñuel sculpture piece was requested by the Florence International Art Biennale to be a highlight of that world cultural event. It won the "Lorenzo il Magnifico Award". Now, on its way back to Calanda, this homage to Buñuel will make a stop over in Paris. It is a well known fact that Paris played a extremely importance role in the life and work of Buñuel. This is the reason why Angel Orensanz, born in Aragon like Buñuel, has planned to have his foundation in France opened with a work devoted to Luis Buñuel.

To the opening ceremonies have been invited the media, several actors that played relevant roles in Buñuel movies, representatives of the culture and arts community in France, Spain and Aragon, artists and the public in general.

The Angel Orensanz Foundation was established first in New York in 1988, in a very historic building in Lower Manhattan, and it has become a beacon of cultural, artistic and social life in New York. Presently, it holds an international art award; publishes an arts magazine "Artscape" and broadcasts weekly the TV Program "Arts from the Orensanz", among many other initiatives.