This year Cannes has been fueled at the level of La Croisette and its nerve centers of command and speculation of the Festival by the disparaging comments of Lars Von Trier (Melancholia) and Pedro Almodovar (La piel que habito). But parallel to those high profile commotions, there has been a significant film ingredient with an influence well beyond the press highlights. One of them, and possibly one of the most significant contributions to the festival, is Le Dispositif, the work of two young French cinematographers who are already part of the European cinematic universe. These directors are Pacôme Thiellement and Thomas Bertay. Their work “Le Dispositif” consists of 52 films of different length, titles and individual aesthetic consistency. The episodes presented have been Le Mât, La Tempête, Les Feuilles mortes, La Seconde Mort and Le Peuple des Hommes Reconstitués.
The Art Video Film Festival of Cannes is produced by Christian Pouligo. He has established this award in cooperation with the Cannes Film Festival and the City of Cannes. The Angel Orensanz Award is a satellite of the Cannes Film Festival in which artists from all disciplines and practices elevate their artistic experience to a level of visual totality. Angel Orensanz is an artist with a vast practice in sculpture, painting, photography, film and space interventions. His film work has been acknowledged with awards in Monaco, London, Tokyo, Sundance, Moscow and other prestigious festivals. He has used video and film since the early nineties. He has consistently mixed sculptural constructions with painting, photography and movie making. Prominent within them are “The final score” (Wales), “Burning Universe”, (Venice Art Biennial) and “The Shattered Tent” (Sundance), among many others.

Angel Orensanz, a New York resident artist, mostly known for his sculpture and open nature installations has developed, as well, a consistent body of work both of documentary and philosophical content that goes from the environmental to the metaphysical. Over the last fifteen years he has developed a body of work embracing no less than eighty titles. A good selection of them is accessible through the lending film library of the Museum of Modern Art that holds a collection of twelve of his signature titles.

This year, the fourth edition of the Art Show and the Art Video Film Festival of Cannes was carried as a celebration of Angel Orensanz work in the fields of video and film. The artist himself presented the award in the presence of Mr Eric Harson, cultural Deputy Commissioner of the city of Cannes.