This October 10th will be the opening of a major exhibition of the work of Angel Orensanz in Dusseldorf (Germany). Kunstfabrik Gallery, in downtown Dusseldorf will offer a retrospective of his ceramic and small bronze pieces, as well as his photography, video, works on paper and performance art. Orensanz bronzes and ceramics will be surrounded by large photographs of his fields in Northern Spain art and his sphere interventions throughout the world. The title of the show Skulptur Anzeichen or Sculpture Signs refers to the glow of ultra reality that Orensanz always endows his work with. His videos “Spheroid Memories” (25′) and “Orbiting Sphere” (15′) will shown in a nearby movie house (Black Box) to special audiences according to a schedule on October 10 and 13th. Orensanz will conduct a performance of his sphere from the Kunstakademie to Heinrich Heine museum house in downtown Dusseldorf and then on a boat trip, on November 3, through the Rhine to Cologne, up to the doors of the Cathedral of Cologne, the building that served the basic aesthetics for the building that today is the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York.

A book/catalogue with the same title of the exhibition, Angel Orensa:Sculpture Signs, is being published in Germany with texts in German andEnglish by several art critics and will be available at the gallery orthrough the internet at This 164 page and 30X 22 cms publication contains essays on Orensanz’s work and 85 colorpages organized into four sections: Fields, Spheres, The Shattered Tent and Altered Topolotogies. It price is $6.00. Kunstfabrik Gallery islocated at Benrather Str. 6A, 40213 Dusseldorf, Germany. The show is onview October 10-November 30, 2002.