Matter/-Light is an exhibition in which Angel Orensanz addresses the question and the boundaries of light as the prime material as a sculptural idiom.

Light has been the pursuit of numerous contemporary artists in search of luminiscense as the primary shape of their sculptural objects. Main testimony of this is the body of work of our contemporary Dan Flavin.

The week of March 3 through the 6 there will be a public presentation of Matter/Light at the main hall of the Angel Orensanz Foundation (172-176 Norfolk Street, between East Houston and Stanton Sts.) The area is a rectangular room of 54 x 50 feet with 54 ft high ceilings, actually a replica of the Sistine Chapel, built by Berlin Architect Alxander Saeltzer in 1849 in this very location.

For the last couple of decades Spanish/American sculptor Angel Orensanz has captured landscapes seen in motion from a car or from an airplane; and hastransformed them into imprints of light and colored energy. This energy recording process has taken the New York based artist to Wales in Great Britain, Sicily (Italy), The Pyrenees in Southern France and to Moscow. This arresting installation assimilates motion photography of landscapes perceived as sparks and fleeting lines as they fly in front of the camera. The result impressions are all light, projected, trapped, tangible and enveloping the visitors’body and perception. The activated light envelops the visitor’s body and consciousness who feels it and enjoys its caresses over his or her extremities while walking on it.

Orensanz does not see light as a device to stress the art piece, or as decoration or as scenography but as an environment and context. The floor operates as an inverted dome. The lines of perception become an immersion and submersion of senses and consciousness into enveloping sculpture waves.

This exhibition is curated and developed by Juanli Carrion and Jaume Marco, directors of the Digital Department of the Angel Orensanz Foundation. They designed as well Angel Orensanz. Weightlessness, a current exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Moscow, in cooperation with the curators of the museum.

Matter/Light will be open to the public March 3 through 6, 2009, daily from 10 AM to 6 PM. A special reception to mark The Armory Show Soho Night will take place on March 5, from 8 to 10 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public. For the Soho Night of The Armory Show, RSVP by calling (212) 529-7194 or by e-mail to: