Luis Buñuel with Angel Orensanz, Mexico (1980)

Angel Orensanz with his Buñuel sculpture.

On Wednesday, August 27 two major cultural events will take place in Venice. It will be the opening of the 60th Venice Film Fastival (August 27 through the September 6) and of the 6th OPEN International Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation in Lido-Venice (August 27 through October 5).

Angel Orensanz will contribute with his sculpture “Blade on the Eye. Homage to Luis Buñuel” to the OPEN. This is a sculpture piece done by Angel Orensanz for Calanda, the birthplace of Buñuel, the world cinema master. This is a 10 meters high steel piece that works as a visual comment to the mythical sequence of “Buñuel: Un Chien Andalou”.

It was Pierre Restany, the late French art critic, who invited Orensanz to this year’s OPEN. Pierre Restany followed Orensanz career from very early on. He wrote an essay (1982) that established the basis for later understanding of Orensanz’s artwork. Mr. Restany was familiar with the fascinating video work of Orensanz.

The 6 OPEN, in which 20 countries take part, has a theme: the relationship between cinema and sculpture. For the last five years, Orensanz has developed a consistent body of digital video works that consists of 12 titles. Orensanz is personally involved in the staging, shooting, editing of his videos; five of which have been directed by Professor Karl Bardosh. This work is being shown now precisely at Palazzo Malipiero in the center of Venice over the Grand Canale, from June 12 to November 30, 2003 as a retrospective show, titled “Burning Universe”, in the context of the current 50th Biennial of Venice.

Venice was always a main reference in the live and work of Luis Buñuel. It is worth remembering Vidriana (1961) and Belle de Jour (1968).

The Buñuel sculpture will enjoy a privileged installation point at the Santa Maria Elisabetta square right at the access to Lido and the promenade to the Pavillion of the Film Festival.

Arte Communications is the entity coordinating the 6th OPEN.