A joint effort of the City of Venice, Arts Communications and The Angel Orensanz Foundation have brought a large, steel piece of Spanish, New York based artist Angel Orensanz to the Lido beachfront for two more months.

After the clamor of the Venice Film Festival and the 6th Open International Sculpture show, this homage piece of Orensanz. to the Spanish master of universal cinema responding to the request of residents and visitors from many countries. In its now location, the sculpture piece will be available to the public until the 10th of December. The sculpture is a 7 meter steel piece trespassed by arrows and winged spears in a reference to Buñuel’s piercing razor in Un chien Andalou.

The Swiss art writer Marcel Gardner commented recently in Lido on the inner symmetries of the two artists, Buñuel and Orensanz: “The two not only come from the same part of Spain, Aragon, and have always lived in other lands, but use a visual vocabulary that looks understandable, but on a closer look, the sculpture of Orensanz and the movies of Buñuel displace and dislocate every assumption and every accepted concept. They both are corrosive, radically nightmarish and astonishing. No wonder that in spite of their age difference, they were good friends”.

For the next two months Orensanz’s homage to Buñuel will on view at Luongo Mare, close to the Venice Casino, in the Blue Moon architectural and scenic landmark. No other place in Venice could be more appropriate due to the relevance of the Venice Film Festival in the life and work of Luis Buñuel in landmark moments such as Vidriana and Belle de Jour.

The art press and the public have treated splendidly this sculpture. It traveled from Calanda, in Aragon, the birthplace of Buñuel, to Venice, for this exclusive purpose. A documentary of this cultural and artistic project, under the title “Razor on the Eye” is already in its last leg of postproduction in New York. This video work is being directed by Angel Orensanz himself; who held a strong involvement in the photography and staging of the sequences and now in the editing process. This interest of Orensanz in the art movie and video is not new; his videography already counts with six titles. The documentary of reference will be distributed in early December of this year.