Ironic, irreverent and eclectic, Angel Orensanz surprises with “Burning Universe”, which is the title of the show that was opened in June and has been extended through the entire Fall in response to its success with both critics and the public. More than 47,000 visitors have been counted to date.

As it winds through the narrow spaces of the ground floor of Palazzo Malipiero, “Burning Universe” gives us glimpses of the strange world of this artist, animated as always by a kind of mania to express in original ways both the perplexing rapport between nature and culture, and the dialectical tensions between space and time.

Orensanz takes on the cosmic order and its prodigies from the standpoint of a single person, constructing in Venice “an alternative space” that synthesizes his restlessly evolving perceptions that have led him to our universe in flames. He is an artist on the frontier: his installations, his designs and his sculptures are the product of his extremely personal vision of the world.

The iron steles, the plastic spheres with fading polychromy, disseminated in space, are the genuine signature of his lyrical fantasy. That is, the natural parts of everything that is born: strong connexion to life, powerful expansion into space, loving possession.

The symbols and the allegories are utilized like a secret leavening. The sculptures, for example the “Homage to Luis Buñuel” (a work selected for the 7th edition of the OPEN International Exhibition of Sculpture and Installations, on view until November 30th at the Blue Moon Lido in Venice) is never a merely exterior sign but rather a newly created presence.

What is Orensanz’s contribution to the concept of art? In this unexpectedly re-invented space, we see how the currents are separated. Beneath the unification of intentions we find an intensely thematic content. We also find in this exhibition a participation in space that is rational, narrative, and altered. As well as profoundly meditated.

Orensanz’s performance contains the rarest degree of the gift of emotion!

Paolo De Grandis , Director Arte Communications, Venice