August 20th was the opening of a cycle of political film at the Pioneer Theater in New York, part of the Howl! Festival. The title comes from the Howl! poem by Allen Ginsberg, that energized the beat generation in the 1950’s.

Angel Orensanz is represented in this film festival with four shorts: “Crusts and crumbs”,”Home space travels”, “The edges of poetry” and “Mannequins and corpses”.

In all four, Orensanz plays visually with powerful emblems of the cultural tradition of the 20th century inserting in them sour and radical texts of Samuel Becket, J. P. Sartre, E. Ionesco and Albert Camus.

Orensanz’s poetry comes loaded with visual seduction and corrosion strongly derived from the aesthetic of Luis Buñuel. During the time of the festival, the sculpture of Angel Orensanz can be seen in the green lawn of Tompkins Square, between East 8 and 10 streets. His work is an installation of steel pieces titled “Embraced Towers” in which again the visual poetry and the radical allegory play on in full stride.