This past weekend Spanish, New York based artist Angel has plowed into the land of Castile, near Madrid, a two square kilometers depiction of Don Quijote and his fabled horse into the old land of Castile, where Cervantes envisioned him five hundred years ago.

The production has involved a low flying airplane from which Orensanz commanded the operation, a farmer plowing a tractor over a kilometer of land and the support of the locals, both officials and public, who will relieve the world famous legend, subject of countless literary international celebrations in all five continents.

On his way to New York, in the airport of Madrid/Barajas, Angel Orensanz commented: “After a full year of international abuzz about Cervantes’ Don Quijote; after thousands of shows and lectures, political posturing and cultural ruminations, I thought that it was time to release Don Quijote itself into the very land where his creator placed him.”

The artist sees this as a land art piece, of which he has developed several over the last twenty years in several pats of the world. Orensanz has gone on his own, far from and beyond all the established committees. What he is doing is to relate a myth to a land and a people for which the book and its characters were created. Locals got involved in its development sowing seeds of crops and plants that will grow throughout the Winter and the Spring and making the entire piece still more visible and mesmerizing, by making it visible from the air or from the long distance. This is the beginning of a year of Don Quijote in in the very land for which is was created by Cervantes.

The artwork is located between the towns of Dos Barrios and Ocana, immediately close to the highway of Madrid to Bailen and Toledo; 50 kms. South of Madrid.