A large crowd A Jazz Festival En New York Promotes The Furrow Sculpture In Spain To Large Audiences. attended yesterday a presentation given by the city hall of Dosbarrios (Toledo) at the Museum of Wine in Madrid, about the landscape sculpture of Orensanz about Don Quijote.

The mayor of Dos Barrios, Bautista Martinez-Raposo, presented to the entire country this project that started last December and will end by January 2007. Throughout the last Winter and the Spring, the new crops and wild flowers have given the grooves of Orensanz new relief and poetry.

Dosbarrios and this part of Castile want to go beyond the official year of the centennial and make Don Quijote an open, direct, permanent celebration, in the land were Cervantes put him. Parallel to this presentation in Madrid, the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York is presenting a festival of jazz music, poetry and dance to precisely celebrate the project of Dos Barrios.

A special exhibit of photographs in front of the Foundation and inside tells people about Don Quijote en the land of Toledo and Madrid.